Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Looks Classy and Sexy for Double M

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung showed off her sexy charms through a picture for Double M. Recently, she was chosen as the muse for Double M’s 2013 spring summer season lineup. Double M explained why Sooyoung was chosen as the muse for Double M. During Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s wedding, Sooyoung had worn a Double M accessory and after that it was completely sold out. Also, Double M stated that Sooyoung fits in well with the Double M brand because of her new age fashionista feel.

In the released picture, Sooyoung shows off her sexiness by showing a bit of her abs through a cut in the clothes. The cut in the shirt is interesting because it looks like it was all cut up. It is being said that while she was partaking in the photoshoot for the advertisements, she never lost her laughter.