SISTAR19’s Hyorin and Bora Celebrate Their M!Countdown Win with Sweet Kisses on the Trophy

On the official SISTAR Twitter in the afternoon of February 7, SISTAR19’s Bora uploaded two photos along with a message, “Thank you very very very very much! Thank you so much for loving SISTAR19’s ‘Gone, Not Around Any Longer.’ We will work even harder from now on to show you our appreciation.”

In the picture are the members of group SISTAR. Hyorin and Bora, who won on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” as SISTAR19 with their new song , are smiling and kissing the trophy happily. In addition, Dasom and Soyu, who were the special MCs that day, are standing beside Hyorin and Bora with congratulatory smiles and gestures.

Netizens who saw these pictures commented, “SISTAR 19, congratulations,” “SISTAR19 is the best,” “Love your new song,” “I am envious of your trophy,” “Good to see Dasom and Soyu being happy for them,” “Always the best,” “They are all so cute.”