Rainbow Teaches Proper Lunar New Years Manners

In preparation for their February 13 comeback, girl group Rainbow recently released member teaser photos and a track list video. Now to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Rainbow released a video on their official YouTube channel teaching you the proper manners of Lunar New Years.

The video is called “Rainbow Show – Rainbow’s New Years Exploration.” In the video the members all look lovely in their traditional clothes. The video starts with Yoon Hye and Hyun Young teaching how to properly tie a hanbok ribbon.

Then, Seung Ah and No Eul show you the proper way to give a formal New Years bow. Woori and Ji Sook give cute examples of what not to do at a Lunar New Years Feasts. 1. Don’t drink too much or gamble. 2. Don’t fall asleep or talk on the phone while driving. 3. Don’t bring up burdensome topics (such as asking what colleges the student was accepted or rejected into or asking why someone hasn’t gotten married yet).

At the end Jae Kyung promises that the group will make their comeback very soon and all the girls give a formal bow.