Girls’ Generation Themed Cafe Opens in Seoul

Girls’ Generation fans rejoice! For a time it looks like there will be a café with a Girls’ Generation theme! Starting on February 7, the café “Girls’ Generation EXPRESS” opened up. A lot of people came to visit it despite the cold weather.

To commemorate Valentine’s Day which is on February 14, the first floor of the café served special chocolate, macaroons, bakery, and drinks. The basement was filled up with different clothes, accessories, and decorations that had a Girls’ Generation theme.

SM Entertainment stated, “We anticipate that Girls’ Generation fans in South Korea and also many Chinese fans who are on spring vacation will visit the Girls’ Generation themed café.”

This special Girls’ Generation event is being held for 11 days until February 17. It is being held at the “RABBIT in the MOON” café in Garusugil, Seoul.

Beginning on February 9 in Kobe, Girls’ Generation will start their Japanese Arena tour.