What Is Bae Yong Jun Doing in Hawaii?

Actor Bae Yong Jun a.k.a”Yon-Sama” is currently vacationing in Hawaii. He arrived in December and has been there a little over a month overseeing a cafe business and receiving treatment for relaxation and stress relief. Bae Yong Jun’s agency Key East released this statement about the trip, “Bae Yong Jun is currently in Hawaii with two managers. He is exercising, receiving physical therapy and getting due rest.”

In addition to improving his health, Bae Yong Jun is also managing a coffee shop he opened in Hawaii called “Gorilla in the Cafe.”

Bae Yong Jun’s agency representatives also stated, “Right now there are no concrete plans for Bae Yong Jun’s involvement in future projects. It also difficult at this time to determine how long Bae Yong Jun will be staying in Hawaii for.”