Hyungdon And Daejun Release MV For “Meet Me”
Comedy duo Hyungdon and Daejun are back with another hilarious hit track that is sure to cheer up listeners who might be facing Valentine’s Day or White Day without a partner to share it with. 
The song is titled “Meet Me” or in other words “Please go out with me” and is about a man pleading a woman to go out with him because he is lonely. The pace of the song is slow and the lyrics of the song are rapped softly, but it is bound to catch the ears of listeners nevertheless for its lyrics. The song is mainly about a man who assures a woman that he was money to spend, begs her to spend just Valentine’s Day with him, and points out that neither of them is fairly attractive and might as well get together so as to avoid being alone on February 14.
Comedian Jung Joon Ha stars as the lonely protagonist of the music video who eats all sorts of fast food in a messy fashion and sports an odd hairdo while chasing down women he would like to ask out, only to discover they’re taken or aren’t interested as he takes multiple slaps to the face.