Infinite Character Competition With Google+
Heads up to all Soompiers who love creating fan art!
Infinite‘s agency Woollim Entertainment recently announced on their YouTube channel that they will be holding a Character Competition with Google+. It appears from the clip that interested participants must first create a google+ account before making submissions. Once participants create their fan art of Infinite, they will upload it to their google plus accounts, tag it with #INFINITEcharacter and then publish it as a public post. Participants can either win prize money or a Nexus 7! Winners will be determined based on the number of likes and re-shares they receive from the public. The contest will be held for a month, starting February 8 and ending on March 7. For more information, go to
First place winner will receive 1,000,000 Won, second place winner will receive 500,000 Won, third place winner will receive 300,000 Won and a handful of lucky participants will win a Nexus 7!