Kwanghee Confesses, “It Would Be a Lie If I Said I Had No Feelings for Sunhwa”

On MBC’s “Section TV” that was aired on February 8, Kwanghee revealed his true feelings concerning his appearance on MBC’s reality show “We Got Married.” Kwanghee is currently acting as the pretend husband to Secret’s Han Sunhwa.

Kwanghee stated, “I really do feel like a married man. I can’t help it. It also affects how I behave.”

When he was asked if he developed any feelings for his pretend wife, Kwanghee answered honestly, “It would be a lie if I said I had absolutely no feelings for her.”

Then the reporter asked, “Then why did you say that Uee is your ideal type?”

Kwanghee replied, “When it comes to picking an ideal type, Uee is just the best choice.”

Meanwhile on this interview, Kwanghee also revealed that his parents supported him on getting plastic surgeries.