SISTAR 19’s Practice Clip For “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” Is Sexier Than MV?

SISTAR‘s unit group SISTAR 19‘s dance practice clip for “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” has become a hot topic of interest since its release. 

On February 8, SISTAR 19’s agency Starship Entertainment uploaded SISTAR19’s dance practice clip for “Gone, Not Around Any Longer” on their official YouTube channel. 

In the clip, Hyorin and Bora are dancing with casual clothes and no make-up to “Gone, Not Around Any Longer.” However that did not stop the girls from showing off their sexy charisma. The lovely duo of SISTAR 19 nailed the choreography for the song while showing off their coveted leg lines and limber bods.

Netizens who saw the YouTube clip even went on to claim that it was “even sexier than the music video itself” and made comments such as “I guess you can’t hide your true figure” and “I feel like they appear sexier here because you can see the shape of their figures ever more visibly.”