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Try searching for “Flower” on Genie. You will find a lot of songs with the title “Flower.” Wow~ Why do people who make music like flowers so much. Or is it that flowers give some kind of inspiration? By the way, did you know that there are different meanings for each kind of flower?

*The Origin of the Language of Flowers

Each country has its own legends about flowers. These stories also frequently appear in novels or myths. However, whether a flower is cherished or not depends upon the culture. For example, some flowers that are cherished in eastern cultures are hated in western cultures. We thought that the flowers we see every day were all of them. But after doing a search for the language of lowers we learned that there are so many! Every 365 days of a year has a different flower assigned to it. (That means there are more than 365 different types of flowers right?)

Flowers also have different meanings depending upon its color. In the middle ages, flowers were used by knights to give it to the ladies that they loved. They were used as wordless messages of love. They appear to have had it easy because they could express their feelings without saying any words!

The language of flowers is similar when they are associated with Greek Roman Mythology or Christianity. But, they are a tad different depending upon the country. For example in England the “Apple Flower” is considered seduction. This is probably due to the fact that Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden. But in France, the “Apple Flower” is considered the “Most Beautiful Person.” This is probably because of its association to the Greek Roman Mythology of the golden apples. Isn’t that interesting?

Music About Flowers:

–       Ivy – Flower

–       Lalasweet – Flower

–       Lee Seung Hwan – Flower

–       Yozo – Flower

–       Lee Soo Young – Flower

–       Jawoorim – Flower

–       Deb – Flower

–       Lucid Fall – Flower

*Flowers Around Us That Are Common

 Let’s take a look at flowers in South Korea and the meaning associated with their names.

Gaenari  (Korean Forsythia)- Hope/ Reed – Faith, Trust, Wisdom/ Napal Flower (Lobedleaf Pharbitis)- Happiness/ Dalmaji Flower (Evening Primrose)- Love Without Words/ Bamboo – Fidelity/Daisy – Innocence, Peace/Deulgukhwa – Refreshing/Strawberries – Foresight and Happy Family

When it comes to the Camelia flower it all depends on the color. White means “Are you looking down on my love?” Red means “I think you are the most beautiful person in the world.” Peach means, “I am proud of the love that you give to me.”

Roses also have different meanings depending on its color. Red means “Passionate love.” Yellow means “Jealousy and Denial.” Bright red means “Shy.” White roses means “You are too young for me to love you.” If you give a rose with thorns as a gift it means, “Strict and Curb.”

The meanings behind Carnations are a lot of fun. Red means, “Passionate love and Thanks.” A Yellow one means, “I despise you.” Don’t forget to give red carnations for Father’s Day or Teacher’s Day.

Nowadays in South Korea it’s hard to find a flower shop. It is also very difficult to grow a plant at home. However, if you walk and see a flower shop, we hope that you will have the ability to buy some for a person you are thinking of. Remember to learn the language of flowers in case you end up buying flowers for somebody! 

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