Hwang Jung Eum Uploads an Adorable “Chubby” Selca on Twitter

On February 8 on her Twitter, actress Hwang Jung Eum uploaded a photo along with a message, “Everyone, this is Jae In from the drama ‘Incarnation of Money.’ How are your holiday preparations going? I will be working nonstop! We are all working very hard on this drama so please don’t forget to watch it! Have a nice holiday.”

In the picture is Hwang Jung Eum wearing the fat suit used in the new SBS’s drama “Incarnation of Money.” Though Hwang Jung Eum looks very different in this photo, she still looks adorable as she gazes at the camera with the matching baby-blue outfit and headband.

Meanwhile in “Incarnation of Money,” Hwang Jung Eum plays Jae In, who has a problem of over-eating when stressed.