Secret’s Hyosung Uploads Her Lovely Princess Selcas

On February 7 on her Twitter, Secret’s Hyosung uploaded two photos along with a message, “It is getting really cold nowadays. Let’s make sure to keep ourselves healthy so we don’t get cold.”

In the pictures is Jun Hyosung wearing a beautiful blouse adorned with spangled collar. She also accessorized with tiara on her hair. With her V-line shaped face, flawless skin, and wavy hair, Hyosung looks like a gorgeous princess in these selcas.

Netizens that saw these pictures admired, “Lovely,” “Her face looks so slim now,” “Did she go on a diet again?” “She looks even prettier than before,” “I will definitely watch the ‘Idol Stars Athletics Championship,’” “Cute hairstyle,” “She really looks like a princess with that tiara.”

Meanwhile, Secret will be appearing on MBC’s “2013 Idol Stars Athletics Championship,” which will be aired on February 11, 2013.