Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Cannot Keep a Straight Face at Kim Dong Wan’s Moves

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny could not hide her expression on broadcast. Sunny, along with the other members of Girls’ Generation recently appeared on the jTBC talk show “Shinhwa Broadcast.” 

During one part of the program, host Kim Dong Wan imitated the pelvic moves of Girls’ Generation’s current dance. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon demonstrated the moves, holding both hands over the head, then rotating the hips as if making a number 8. Upon Kim Dong Wan’s imitation, Sunny could not help but show on her face how shocking she found the greasy dance.

The other Girls’ Generation members saw Sunny’s expression and were helpless against a fit of laughter. 

“Hyoyeon’s dance is a proper figure of eight, but Kim Dong Wan’s doesn’t look right,” Sunny said.