HyunA Shows Her Aegyo for “Running Man”

HyunA drew the attention of viewers when she captured the heart of Lee Kwang Soo on “Running Man” with her captivating gaze. 

On February 10, HyunA displayed her aegyo charm needed to keep Lee Kwang Soo by her side as part of her team’s strategy in “Running Man” by asking in the sweetest voice, “Oppa, please don’t go.”

When asked later why he couldn’t budge, Lee Kwang Soo replied, “HyunA wouldn’t let me go” and couldn’t stop grinning. Since he was unable to meet HyunA’s adorable gaze, Lee Kwang Soo wasn’t able to help catch the culprit and was teased relentlessly by Yoo Jae Suk as to whether he might have feelings for HyunA. It appeared as though Lee Kwang Soo was unable to hide his little crush on HyunA from his teammates and viewers.