2AM’s Jo Kwon Dresses His Pup in a Hanbok for Lunar New Year

Singer Jo Kwon recently took photos of his puppy dressed up in a traditional hanbok for Lunar new year. 

On February 10, Jo Kwon tweeted the photo with the caption, “I decided to dress Lucky up in a hanbok and he’s drawing in crowds!”

In the photo, Jo Kwon’s pup Lucky is enjoying a stroll with his owner. He appears to be dressed in a custom-made traditional hanbok in celebration of the Lunar new year. Jo Kwon also held Lucky up so that the camera could capture all the fine details of the hanbok made especially for the pup. 

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “Lucky looks adorable”, “Wow, is that really a hanbok?”, “So cute!”, “The owner has great taste”, “You both look alike”, “You both look great!” and “Happy Lunar new year!”

On February 11, Jo Kwon emceed for “Idol Star Athletics Championship.”