Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Has a Malaysian Doppelganger

Recently on various online communities, a photo was uploaded under the title, “A Malaysian girl who resembles YoonA.”

In the picture is a girl wearing a light purple hijab. With her kind and youthful face, this girl appears to strongly resemble Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. Her slim face, large eyes, and the shape of her lips as she smiles show uncanny similarity to YoonA.

Apparently this unknown girl has received a lot of attention on Facebook in the past due to her likeness to YoonA.

Fans that saw this picture commented, “She really does look like YoonA,” “She is so lucky to be called YoonA’s doppelganger,” “I think this girl is prettier than YoonA,” “I thought it was YoonA wearing a hijab,” “It shocked me how much they resemble each other.”