Kang Min Kyung Shows Off Her Unusual Fashion Style

On her Twitter on February 11, Kang Min Kyung uploaded a photo along with a message, “I met with a few of my old friends from middle school and it seems that I was the only one who didn’t have a Facebook account. I felt so behind. So I will now start my own Facebook account.”

In the picture is Kang Min Kyung wearing leopard-pattern jeans, a simple black t-shirt, and a grey muffler. What caught the fans’ eyes was the fact that despite the cold weather, Kang Min Kyung is wearing a short sleeved shirt.

Fans who saw this picture commented, “Short sleeves… isn’t she cold?” “I actually want to try that fashion style,” “She looks pretty no matter what,” “It’s winter… so I don’t think this is an appropriate outfit.”