Hyorin Reveals Her Super Young-Looking Mom

Sistar’s Hyorin reveals her beloved mother.

On February 11, KBS aired a Lunar New Year’s Special titled “Star Family Show Mamma Mia” where several celebrities revealed their non-celebrity family members. Park Mi Sun, Kim Yong Man and ZE:A’s Kwanghee were the MCs for the variety talk show.

On this day, Hyorin made a guest appearance with her mother, but many of the guests and MCs were surprised because her mother looked so young. MC Park Mi Sun asked her when she got married, which she answered, “When I was 22 years old.” They further asked if, she didn’t mind, how old she is now. She revealed that she’s born in 1970, which makes her forty-four years old.

MC Kim Yong Man guessed, “If you go out shopping with your mother, many people will misunderstand [your relationship].” Hyorin explained, “We actually share our clothes and we shop often. When I see something I like, I would ask mom, ‘Mom! Isn’t this good?’ and the workers nearby would ask incredulously, ‘Is she your mom?’”

Hyorin’s mother playfully says, “If I wear regular clothes [instead of a hanbok], I look even younger.” She also adds, “Hyorin’s grandmother is 64 years old,” to the amazement of everyone at the studio.