T-ara’s Eunjung Reveals New Year’s Resolution: “Become More Mature and Careful”

T-ara’s Eunjung revealed her New Year’s resolution on this morning’s episode of SBS’s “Good Morning.” Eunjung stated, “As I get a year older, I hope to become more mature and careful. I also hope to look after people who are around me.”

On February 9, the ladies of T-ara hosted an event in Bucheon, Kyeonggido, to celebrate the Lunar New Years with their fans. They personally served over a 1,000 servings of tteukguk (rice cake soup), donated 100 sacks of rice to a local orphanage, and spent quality time with 12 lucky children from the orphanage.

The children spent the day with T-ara, eating tteukguk together and receiving gifts. Soyeon commented, “They are so cute, so I wanted to give them cash gifts. I realized that I am now old enough to be handing out the cash gifts.” She continued, “My arms hurt so much, but I feel great because that would mean I was able to serve that much more. We were so busy because we didn’t want the broth to get cold. It was fun.”