PSY Quickly Returns to Korea to Attend Im Yoon Taek’s Funeral

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words and PSY is receiving a lot of praise for his latest sensible gesture.

Currently in the midst of attending his schedules abroad, PSY just landed in South Korea a couple hours ago to personally send his condolence to Ulala Session’s Im Yoon Taek and his family. Im Yoon Taek passed away late last night on February 11 after battling stomach cancer.

PSY was in Malaysia on February 11 for a performance when he heard the sad news. A person close to the world star commented through a phone interview, “PSY’s currently heading to Im Yoon Taek’s funeral. They had a special bond through ‘Super Star K 3’ and quickly returned to Korea [after hearing the news].”

It’s been revealed that PSY will immediately leave Korea to attend to his scheduled activities.