Jung Yong Hwa Worries People Think He Composes to Make Money

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa shares why he doesn’t talk about royalty earnings on air.

On February 11, he made a guest appearance on tvN’s variety talk program “Taxi” with the rest of CNBlue.

“My composition became the title track for our latest album and it got first place not too long ago,” Jung Yong Hwa said. “I feel the most happy that this song placed first out of the songs placed first from the past three years.”

MC Kim Gu Ra and Jun Hyun Moo asked right after each other, “How much did you earn in royalties?” “How many songs have you composed?” But Jong Yong Hwa tried to evade the questions by stating, “I haven’t counted.”

He revealed, “I’m worried that people might think that I make music for the money.” The MCs said that he shouldn’t think that way, but rather, his earnings are a reward for his hard work. Either way, he stopped talking about the subject and the MCs smoothly followed up with another question.