Sneak Peak of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany at Vogue Girl Photoshoot

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is once again drawing much attention to her slim legs.

Recently, an online community forum uploaded several pictures titled, “Tiffany spreading her legs at the filming shoot for ‘Vogue Girl.’”

The behind-the-scenes pictures show Tiffany displaying cool charms with her confident poses and alluring facial expressions. She looks hipster with her cap worn sideways and drops a hint of sexy by utilizing her legs as part of her overall poses.

As the photos are taken behind the scenes, many conclude that they haven’t been digitally enhanced and netizens gave much praises along the lines that she has beautiful legs and looks like a model.

Fans will be able to see the official photos soon as they will be part of Vogue Girl’s March edition.

Meanwhile, Tiffany previously shared on air about her first love and her first kiss.