15& Releases Teaser For “I Didn’t Go To School”
JYP Entertainment recently uploaded a teaser clip of 15& and solo hip hop rapper San E collaborating together for “I Didn’t Go To School” on their official YouTube channel. On 15&’s official website, JYP Entertainment announced, “15& and San E will be bringing you a special gift for this Valentine’s Day! The track will be made available on February 14, we hope you look forward to listening to it!”
San E debuted with JYP Entertainment back in 2010 and has been known to be both a quirky and talented rapper. As an emerging solo hip-hop rapper, he has won many music awards and recognition as a prodigy. He began as an underground artist and stated that he joined JYP in order to get his name out there and sing songs that the public will love. 
Fans who saw the teaser clip commented excitedly, “San E’s voice is very masculine and 15& has powerful vocals…I [predict] a great song will be coming from them”, “Talented JYP Nation artists! Love them!”, “Love the teaser, when does your next album drop, 15&?” and “Please make your comeback this March, 15&!”