Mnet Airs “Late Im Yoon Taek Special” Episodes

Mnet announced that they have organized a special show on February 12, paying a tribute to late Im Yoon Taek, the leader of Ulala Session, who passed away from stomach cancer on February 11.

The special tribute show consists of various video clips from Im Yoon Taek’s TV career and the behind-the-scene clips of the preparation of Ulala Session’s first independent concert on December 22, 2011. Mnet first aired “Memories of Late Im Yoon Taek Live On” from 10pm KST for an hour. This special episode includes clips from Im Yoon Taek from the preliminary rounds of “Super Star K3” to all live performances of Ulala Session from MAMA 2011 and “M! Countdown.” 

From 11pm, Mnet aired reality program “Ulala Session Begins,” which documents the behind-the-scene moments of Ulala Session preparing for their first independent concert. Following “Ulala Session Begins,” Mnet aired live recording of Ulala Session’s first concert. Through these tribute programs, fans could see Im Yoon Taek and his lively passion once again. 

 Meanwhile, Im Yoon Taek participated in “Super Stark K3” in 2011 with Park Seung Il, Kim Myung Hoon, and Park Kwang Sun as Ulala Session. They won “Super Star K3” and became the new audition stars. He garnered much attention with his creativity, passionate performances, and exceptional vocals from both judges of the show and the public. His undying passion for music and courage during his fight against cancer gave out messages of hope to the viewers.