SHINee’s Passport Photos Revealed

The members of SHINee revealed their passport photos.

On the February 12 airing of “SHINee’s One Fine Day,” the members went on a sudden vacation during their album preparations. In the show the members showed their passport photos as they readied themselves to fly overseas.

SHINee’s leader Onew had nothing to be embarrassed about for his photo. He looks manly and handsome with his slicked back hair, masculine eyebrows, and a soft smile.

The powerful vocalist Jonghyun looks flawless in his. “My hair is super short” he commented as he looked at his picture. In the picture Jonghyun has a confident smile and spiked up hair.

Unlike the other members the charismatic Minho had his forehead covered with thick bangs and long hair, reminiscent of his “Ring Ding Dong” days.

SHINee will make their third album comeback on February 19.