Which Girls’ Generation Member Had the Best K-Drama Kiss Scene?

SBS’s “Strong Heart” aired clips of YoonA, Yuri, and Jessica’s sizzling kiss scenes from their respective dramas.

On yesterday’s episode of “Strong Heart,” all nine lovely ladies of Girls’ Generation appeared as the last guests of the first season of the popular variety show. During the episode, the MCs took a look at YoonA, Yuri, and Jessica’s kiss scenes from “Love Rain,” “Fashion King,” and “Wild Romance.”

Regarding her kiss with Jang Geun Suk in “Love Rain,” YoonA shared, “I was so embarrassed.” She explained, “However, I wasn’t too nervous once we started filming the kiss. It was probably because I’ve been so close with Jang Geun Suk.” Yuri, on the other hand, could not say anything as her kiss with Lee Jae Hoon was shown. Instead, she hid behind her cushion. MC Shin Dong Yup teased, “Wow, she’s really great at acting! Look at that, look at her hands! When you’re filming a kiss scene, the hardest and most awkward part is not know what to do with your hands,” drawing attention to Yuri’s “naughty hands.”

Jessica shared a romantic kiss with MC Lee Dong Wook on “Wild Romance.” Lee Dong Wook started, “I told Jessica to stay as she is, and I led her,” drawing envious woos and ahhs from the crowd. Jessica continued, “It was my first time acting and my first kiss scene…” Shin Dong Yup interjected, “Kissing a man in front of a camera, right?” which caused Jessica to laugh bashfully. Boom playfully added, “I heard that Lee Dong Wook led her all the way and wouldn’t stop even when the director yelled, ‘Cut!’ So the managers had to come in and tear them away.”

So Soompiers, which Girls’ Generation member had the best kiss scene?