CN Blue Is in Legal Trouble Because of Crying Nut Copyright Lawsuit

CN Blue and Crying Nut are currently caught up in a legal battle because of copyrights. Crying Nut’s agency brought a $40,000 lawsuit against CN Blue claiming that they have infringed on their copyrights.

Crying Nut’s agency is claiming that CN Blue used the Crying Nut’s original single “Deadly Offside” without permission on broadcast television and released it on a DVD. “Deadly Offside” was created as a World Cup cheer song back in 2002. It was also put on Crying Nut’s 4th album “Old Radio.”

A representative of CN Blue’s Entertainment agency FNC Entertainment stated, “The production team of ‘M Countdown’ asked CN Blue to sing ‘Deadly Offside.’ The production team had stated that they would provide the background music for the song. They wanted CN Blue to sing it because the 2010 South African World Cup was going on. At the time CN Blue was a rookie group and they could not say no.

The representative added, “Of course we thought the music source was just background music and CN Blue performed for ‘M Countdown.’ The DVD in question was also released by a broadcasting company that had the rights to the performance. The DVD itself was created without any authorization from CN Blue. We are also victims in this situation.”

Well it looks like this is the second time CN Blue is having legal problems because of copyrights. (Last time it was with the 2010 debut song “I’m a Loner”) Stay tuned to for more details regarding this lawsuit!