Actor in Mid-Forties Looks Like Big Bang’s Seungri?

Actor Choi Joon Yong recently made it publicly known that he’d like to apologize to Big Bang‘s Seungri on the latest broadcast of MBC‘s “Radio Star” after being told that he strongly resembled the idol. 

As soon as the emcees brought the topic up, the actor immediately confessed, “Actually, I feel very sorry for that young man.” He explained, “How could I compare to Big Bang’s Seungri? Whenever I get a chance to meet him in person, I’d like to apologize for the comparison being made.” However, he gave in to MC Kyuhyun‘s request and performed dance moves to Big Bang’s “Last Farewell” and Seungri’s solo track “Strong Baby” to everyone’s delight. 

In related news, the actor made the surprising confession that he was currently dating a younger woman by 19 years.

Maybe he does carry some of Seungri’s good looks and charm afterall? What do you think Soompiers?