Currently, two female celebrities Park Si Yeon and Hyun Young were investigated by prosecutors because of the suspicion of misusing propofol. (Propofol is a prescription drug that causes the person using it to relax or sleep. It is used as an anesthetic)

Both Park Si Yeon and Hyun Young have made official statements denying that they have illegally used propofol. Both celebrities have acknowledged that they have used the drug. (Since February 2011 propofol was designated in South Korea as a type of “psychotropic drug”)

Park Si Yeon’s agency Eyagi-Entertainment released an official press release on February 13. The agency stated that she was merely receiving treatment for back pain and was not using propofol illegally.

Eyagi-Entertainment stated, “Park Si Yeon was injured because of the action scenes in ‘Marine Boy’ and ‘Dachimawa Lee.’ She injured her back as a result.”

Hyun Young’s agency Koen Stars released a similar statement that she had used propofol because of treatment and was not using it illegally.

Koen Stars stated, “Because she is a female celebrity, she can’t help but focus on her beauty. That is why she met with a doctor and had received authorization for her prescription and had visited a hospital because of treatment.”

The issue of propofol abuse among celebrities came to the forefront after the celebrity Amy was charged for propofol abuse in South Korea back in December 2012.