PSY’s Postal Stamps to Be Released on February 18!

PSY who is ruling the pop world right now with “Gangnam Style” is going to be permanently remembered through stationary! Well, to be more exact, his “Gangnam Style” has been memorialized through postal stamps!

YG Entertainment stated on February 14, “Starting on February 18 ‘PSY, my own postal stamp” will be sold through 22 different postal offices. After the ‘Gangnam Style’ was put up on YouTube it reached nearly 1.3 Billion views. We have decided to create this postal stamp in order to commemorate the wave that ‘Gangnam Style’ caused.”

Unlike other postal stamps that were created in the past, this product will have 6 “My Own” postal stamps and 3 “Art” cards. On the back of the art cards is PSY’s autograph in print. Also the package will be put in a glass art case. The awesome PSY postal stamp will also be available for purchase at the “Postar Art Shop” ( and “YG e-SHOP.” (