SISTAR19 Shows Off Their Sexy Stuff for Isenberg!

SISTAR19 showed off their sexiness through their photoshoot with the outdoor sports brand Isenberg. The photoshoot showed Isenberg’s 2013 spring and summer outfits. The revealed pictures really showed SISTAR’s uniquely bright and healthy style.

Also, one can always rely on SISTAR to show off their voluptuous bodies that really prove why they are such sexy icons in K-Pop. It is surprising how well they were able to model for the brand, despite the fact that it was their first time doing a sporty brand.

The concept of the photoshoot was “A challenge that goes beyond your limit.” The marketing team of Isenberg stated, “Isenberg is a new brand being launched into the outdoor sports style of clothing. We tried to express Isenberg’s uniquely challenging and sensual style of clothing. SISTAR is a girl group that represents the younger generation. We have already begun to get a good reaction due to SISTAR’s unique charms. Their charms have shown the potential of Isenberg.”