Ratings Race: Which Drama Came Out On Top?

Yesterday was an exciting day in kdrama land! We had two highly anticipated dramas make their big premiere. Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung made their comeback with SBS’s “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” while Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk partnered up once more for KBS’s “IRIS 2.” It was a pretty tight race for the ratings, with all three dramas securing double digit ratings.

The much hyped “IRIS 2” came out as the winner of the ratings race last night. According to AGB Nielsen, the action packed series recorded 14.4%. Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won’s romantic comedy, “Level 7 Civil Servant,” came in second with 12.7%.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” gave fans a special treat by airing two episodes back to back. Both episodes achieved respectable double digit ratings with the pilot episode recording 11.3% and the second 12.8%.

“IRIS 2” story picks up three years after the death of Hyun Joon (Lee Byung Heon) in “IRIS 1.” The plot will revolve around the mysterious surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San (Kim Young Chul), who had been arrested for being part of the secret organization, IRIS. The NSS agents, headed by Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk), will struggle to fight against and expose IRIS, which has gotten larger and even more powerful than before.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows,” on the other hand, is a melodrama about a man and woman who don’t believe in love. Song Hye Kyo takes on the role of Oh Young, the sole heiress to a giant conglomerate. She lost both her parents and her eyesight, making her extremely self-protecting and lonely. Jo In Sung plays Oh Soo, a playboy and a gambler who lives a meaningless life. He sets his eyes on his next target, Oh Young, to repay an enormous amount of debt. While he approaches her for money, he ends up falling in love with her.