SHINee Reveals Their Hopes, Dreams and Rankings of Best Looking Member!

As previously announced beforeSHINee held a special preview for their upcoming third album on February 14 called “SHINee Music Spoiler.”

At the event SHINee said, “We have been doing some last minute work on our third full album. Our members have been working hard together in preparation.”

They explained how they worked together on this album. “The members made a lot of input towards the album. We think it will reflect how much we know about each other. As we kept in mind our individual strengths and personalities, we had fun working on our parts. while we worked we talked about a lot of things including our company.”

During this event the members were also able to answer fan questions. For one of the questions, Onew ranked the members according to who was the most handsome. He gave first place to Minho and then picked himself as second. Third went to Jonghyun, fourth to Taemin, and Key was last.

The members also had a chance to talk about their individual hopes and dreams. Taemin said, “My dream is to just live happily without regrets.”

Key had similar dreams. “I just want to live well. Rather than materialistic things, I just want to live a happy and fun life.”

For Jonghyun, “My dream is music. Through music I want to tell stories and empathize with many people. I’m going to continue [in music] with a learning mindset.”

Lastly Minho revealed his dreams. “I would like to continue doing music even in the distant future.”

SHINee’s third album “Dream Girl” will be released on February 19 on various online music stores.