Tiffany Defends “Girls” in Girls’ Generation

Members of Girls’ Generation appeared on the most recent and the very last episode of SBS “Strong Heart” and talked about their age. Tiffany said, “I think it’s time for us to defend our dignity as girls. Our average age is 24.5 years old.” 

She continued looking somewhat disappointed, “We are the ‘Girls’ Generation,’ but people have been telling us to drop the word ‘Girls.’ Also, I’ve been putting my hair in pigtails and my manager recently told me to stop doing that, too.” 

Tiffany also compared Girls’ Generation to other younger female idol groups. She said, “When I MC for a music program, I look at other girl groups and the fans’ reaction in the audience. I thought we were still young, cute, and lively, but I felt like even our own fans were looking at us like we are elderly.”

Meanwhile, “Strong Heart” ended with the highest viewership ratings in its time slot.