[Rated R] Jay Park Releases “2013 Appetizer” Music Video + Free DL Link

Jay Park fans, are you hungry? You’re just in luck because the man is serving the appetizer.. and it’s free! Although, there’s a small warning. Swear words and controversial finger gestures are included.

On February 14, he posted the music video and a downloadable link to “2013 Appetizer” on his official youtube page. It seems this track is his way of greeting his fans this new year with a small gift. It’s produced by his buddy Cha Cha Malone.

The first two measures tightly locks in on a set synthesized beat and there’s little variation throughout the song. The music video follows Jay Park rapping in various settings inside a bar partying and bboying with his friends as well as outside by himself. The different scenes are connected with a darker tone and the color black is prominent. He sings in English for most of the song and after boasting that he’s bilingual, busts out Korean towards the third quarter.

Viewers discretion, check out the music video below!