Davichi’s “Don’t You Know” MV for “Iris 2” Released

Davichi adds another OST to its padded resume.

On February 13, the music video for “Don’t You Know” was released. It’s an original soundtrack for KBS’s drama “Iris 2.” 

The music video captures various moments of leads Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae together and apart filled with a wide range of emotions. Every scenery shot is beautiful and the director takes advantage of both natural and man-made lights to enhance the visuals. The music has a calming effect with the piano set as the foundation with strings and small chorus also incorporated. It gives a little hint of waltz with a strong downbeat contrasted with chords lightly played for the other three quarter values in each measure. The short instrumental break allows the piano to have a little solo, but it locks back into a rhythmic device as Davichi’s voice and the strings intertwine to create the climax.

Check out the music video below.