G-Dragon’s Smokey Eyes For “Vogue’s” March Issue Revealed

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon recently flaunted his smokey eye make-up for the camera from the set of a photoshoot. 

On February 13, fashion photographer Hong Jang Hyun tweeted a photo of the two with the caption, “While you all are enjoying your youth, I seem to be growing more old.” 

In the photo, G-dragon is seen posing with photographer Hong Jang Hyun wearing smokey eye make-up and a smirk that overflows with charisma. G-dragon once again lives up to his reputation as the “Nation’s fashionista representative” with his colorful accessories and black furry hat to match. 

Hong Jang Hyun went on to tweet, “I’m not going to be revealing Taeyang‘s photo. Taeyang is sporting quite the show-stopper hairdo and if I show it to you beforehand, it won’t be any fun. You’ll just have to wait for Vogue Korea’s march issue!” which roused the curiosity of fans. 

Netizens who saw the tweets and photo remarked, “It’s amazing how G-dragon can look great in anything”, “I love G-Dragon’s smokey eye make-up” and “G-dragon’s level of charisma is no joke!”