Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Was Ranked 8th at Her School And Might Have Become A Lawyer

Wonder GirlsYe Eun recently let it be known that she was a top student and ranked 8th out of her entire school. 

On February 13, Ye Eun gave an interview with  SBS‘s “Night of TV Entertainment” where she revealed “Although I didn’t rank 1st, I came in 8th when it came to my studies.”

When asked what Ye Eun might have pursued instead if she hadn’t chosen to become a singer she replied, “At the time I considered the possibility of becoming a lawyer. I still haven’t ruled it out and plan to explore it as a valid career option in the future.”

Netizens who learned of Ye Eun’s academic achievement remarked, “Ye Eun is pretty amazing!”, “When I heard she ranked 8th, I was surprised!”, “If Ye Eun was able to rank 8th, she really is your stereotypical mother’s friend’s daughter who is perfect at everything.”

When asked to share her thoughts on fellow Wonder Girls’ member Sunye getting married, Ye Eun confessed, “I worried a lot when it came to Sunye even getting married. However, I didn’t think Sunye needed to make any sacrifices for the rest of the members” which warmed the hearts of fans to know that she gave Sunye’s decision her full support.