Ballad Group 7942 Releases MV for “Missing Love”

Rookie ballad group 7942, also known as C.G.S.E (Chil Gu Sa Ee) released the music video for their latest digital single “Missing Love” on February 13, a week after the digital single was released on online music stores on February 5.

7942 debuted in spring of 2012 under E.M. Brothers Co. with their single “I Will Become Famous”, and consists of members Hanghoon (leader), Hoon, Jonghyun, and Eungjoo.

“Missing Love” was produced by Daft Sound, and this simple and soft piano ballad is about the pains of being in love and unable to love. There is sadness regret from hurting the person he loves because he foolishly did not know what love is. The member’s strong and warm voices blend together harmoniously to convey the deep feelings of sadness.

Check out the video below!