Suzy’s Most Current Ideal Type Is Jung Woo Sung

On MBC’s entertainment news “Section TV” that aired on February 15, miss A’s Suzy was interviewed at her pictorial photoshoot.

When the reporter told Suzy actor Jung Woo Sung chose her as his ideal type, she replied, “I saw that interview. I am really flattered and would like to thank him.”

When Suzy was asked who she liked more between Ian Somerhalder and Jung Woo Sung, she answered, “I definitely like Jung Woo Sung more. His eyes have such depth and emotion.”

Then, the reporter asked her what kind of man she dislikes. Suzy answered, “Someone who is not compatible. For example, let’s say I am drawing. I wouldn’t like a man who just comes up and asks, ‘Why are you drawing?’”