Goo Hara Secretly Went to a Night Club When She Turned 20

On KBS’s “Celebrity News” that was aired on February 16, Kara members were interviewed at the set of their commercial shoot.

On this day, Goo Hara was asked to reveal her most scandalous past behavior. Hara answered, “When I turned 20, I visited a night club with my friends without telling our manager.”

Goo Hara continued, “But I ended up getting caught. Our manager called me when I was at the club. I went outside to answer my phone, and he said, ‘You are at a club, aren’t you?’ I was busted.”

Hara explained that a friend of her manager saw her at the club and told the manager.

Hara added, “In the end, our manager just told me that I could go whenever I want as long as I tell him.”