Park Bom Reveals the Unreleased Photo from Her Allure Photoshoot

On her Twitter on February 16, 2NE1‘s Park Bom uploaded a photo along with a message, “This won’t be on the magazine, but I thought you might like it. In fact, I also have few other pictures as well. So! I thought I would show you this one. And check out the actual magazine too. My photos will be on the March issue of ‘Allure.’ Don’t miss it.”

In the picture is a close-up of Park Boom. She has her hair up and is wearing a flower printed top. With elegant makeup and calm facial expression, Park Bom looks lovely.

Netizens that saw this photo admired, “Lovely spring-inspired makeup,” “Her eyes are very unique,” “She look beautiful,” “Chinese beauty concept?” “I love the fact that the makeup is more natural than her usual very-smoky makeup.”