Haha Wonders If “Hybrid” Should Get a Haircut

On February 17 on his Twitter, singer and entertainer Haha uploaded a photo along with a message, “Hybrid, should I get a haircut? Kuooooooooo.”

In the picture is Haha with his long hair combed forward to cover his face. On MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” Haha has in the past showcased a character he named “Hybrid Sammy Sosa Rio Raybe.” This character possessed long hair that covered part of his face, and Haha has kept this long hair style so far.

Fans that heard Haha’s dilemma commented, “I really like the ‘Hybrid’ style, so I hope he keeps it,” “Why don’t you do a national voting event on ‘Infinity Challenge,’” “You should consult Sandara Park.”

Meanwhile, Haha has recently married singer Byul in November 2012. In January 2013, he revealed that Byul is three months pregnant.