Brave Entertainment Releases Teaser for Special Collaboration Featuring BEAST’s Yong Junhyung, EXID’s LE, and Big Star’s Feeldog

Brave Entertainment will be promoting a special collaboration group featuring Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST, LE from EXID, and Feeldog from Big Star. On February 17 the entertainment company released a Yong Jun Hyung focused video teaser for the collaboration album “You Got Some Nerve.”

The music video teaser hints at catchy hip hop song and shows a bit of Yong Jun Hyung’s rap. Glimpse of Feeldog and LE are shown, and it can be expected for their own focused teasers to be revealed.

“You Got Some Nerve” will be released on February 21.

Yong Jun Hyung was recently cast as the male lead in the upcoming Mnet music drama “Monster.” Rookie girl group EXID also released the music video for their sub unit “Dasoni.”

Feeldog’s Teaser was also recently revealed.