Kwanghee, Hyorin, and Bora Take a Charismatic Group Photo

On an online community bulletin board on February 18, a photo was uploaded under the title, “SISTAR 19 and Kwanghee. Strangely well-fitted group of people. Kwanghee must be having a lucky day.”

In the picture are SISTAR 19’s Bora and Hyorin, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee standing together. They are showing off their charismatic poses and have sexy and confident expressions on their faces.

Netizens that saw this picture commented, “Kwanghee would do a great performance of SISTAR 19’s ‘Gone, Not Around Any Longer.’” “They look great together,” “You guys should do a collaborated performance,” “Kwanghee’s expression is much sexier than that of Hyorin’s,” “What a charismatic bunch of people.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR’s subunit SISTAR 19 is currently promoting their new song, “Gone, Not Around Any Longer.”