Lee Byung Hun’s Gwanghae Opens to an Audience of 42,000 in Japan

It looks like congratulations are in order for Lee Byung Hun! “Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King” (Hereafter, Gwanghae) recently opened in Japan and it is having a spectacular response.

In total, “Gwanghae” raked in a total of 12,000,000. “Gwanghae” opened up in Japan on February 16 and throughout 90 different theaters it has attracted an audience of 42,000 so far. This is the best record of a recent South Korean film opening up in Japan.

Because of the high amount of viewers, “Gwanghae” is showing up as #10 in the Japanese box office.

In exit reviews of the film, moviegoers have stated, “Instead of Lee Byung Hun playing two characters, it seemed like the characters were completely different people. He showed very talented acting,” “This was my favorite Lee Byung Hun film,” “Although it is a historical drama that has comic and moving scenes, there were a lot of parts that I could relate to,” and “The costumes and different props were very beautiful.” 

“Gwanghae” was also created into a Theatre production in South Korea, which will have its first show on February 23.