Su Pearls from “K-Pop Star” Season 1 Disbands Before Debut

YG Entertainment has announced that Su Pearls (The 4-member girl group from SBS “K-Pop Star” Season 1 that attracted a lot of attention. The group was comprised of Michelle Lee, Park Ji Min, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo.) will be disbanded.

Originally YG had decided to sign into YG all of the members except for Park Ji Min. Lee Hi was supposed to replace Park Ji Min’s place.

YG stated on February 18, “Although it is a shame, I have decided to let the Su Pearls members go. It will take too much time for them to debut as a group that fits into the YG profile. I felt like it would be better for the future of the members if we cancelled their contracts without any conditions.”

YG added that, “It’s not that there were any problems with the members, and it’s not that they lacked skill. I plan on helping them so that they can do well wherever they end up going. Lee Hi is going to release a comeback album soon and I will focus on that.”

Well it looks like this is a sad day for Su Pearls fans, check out their performance of “The Boys” that raised them to their fame.