Crying Nut Proceeds with Lawsuit Against CN Blue Despite Apology

It looks like a dark day for CN Blue fans as the lawsuit being brought against them by Crying Nut is continuing on. As we reported before, CN Blue and Crying Nut are currently caught up in a legal battle because of copyrights. The background music from Crying Nut’s single “Deadly Offside” was used without permission on “M Countdown.” Then, DVD’s were sold by the broadcasting company.

As the controversy grew over this issue, CN Blue made an apology through their agency’s website on February 15. They stated, “It was our fault [The agency] for putting up the singers on stage in such a frantic live stage without checking if the background music was being used legally or not. We are also think that it is a shame that DVDs were sold of the performance and we weren’t able to proactively remedy that situation. In stead of the CN Blue members, we apologize to their seniors Crying Nut.”

Afterwards, Crying Nut’s agency stated on February 18, “After reading the apology from CN Blue our emotions have settled a bit and understand that CN Blue must be going through a hard time. However, despite the apology it is very difficult to erase a feeling of bitterness. In articles they have stated that they would try and ensure that something like this would not happen again. However, there are no statements regarding on how they will go about ensuring that.”

Crying Nut’s agency continued on describing how they wanted to speak the truth and win back their rights and honor. In the end they added, “We will use the money that we are going to receive from the lawsuit and help improve the indy music scene by giving the money as charity.”