[Opinion] The Power of Fancams

Within the past couple of years, I had to find a way to get into rookie groups. Starting in 2011, many idol groups started to debut [see our idol debut infographic]. There was no way for me to keep up, because as soon as I finally caught up with the groups that had debuted a month earlier, a new batch of idol groups debuted. I simply gave up on trying to see what rookie groups caught my interest simply because there were too many of them debuting.

Just by chance, I stumbled upon fancams. I had always enjoyed fancams because they focus on one member. When idol groups perform on music shows, the camera tries to give all of the members equal screen time and cut to the audience. Well, what if you don’t like certain members? What if you don’t care to see random audience members hiding their faces?

For example, I’m a big fan of Secret’s Hyosung, so I have watched plenty of fancams of her.

Fancams allow me to have greater enjoyment because the focus is on the member that I like the most. In another example, I hated f(x)’s “Danger” when it first came out. Then I watched some Victoria fancams and several of them were performances of “Danger.” The song didn’t irritate me anymore and these days I find it enjoyable. Fancams help me enjoy songs through association. When I listen to to “Danger,” I associate it with watching all of those Victoria fancams. I enjoyed watching those fancams, which led to me enjoying the song.

How does this help with rookie idol groups? The same way. I find the members who I find the most attractive and look up to see if there are any fancams. That is how I became a fan of Rainbow (Hyunyoung fancams), Dal Shabet (Ah Young fancams), Hello Venus (Nara fancams) and EXID (Hani fancams).

I can admit that the visual aspect of K-Pop allows me to enjoy the pop songs more than I normally would. So Soompiers, have fancams helped you to enjoy songs you used to dislike and/or become fans of new groups?