The Late Park Yong Ha’s Manager Convicted for Attempting to Withdraw His Money

Park Yong Ha‘s manager has been convicted for forging Park Yong Ha’s deposit withdrawal form to withdraw money from his account. As a result, she has been charged with forgery of private documents and attempted fraud. 

According to the prosecutor’s office, Park Yong Ha’s manager tried to withdraw 240 million Korean won from the deceased’s Japanese bank account, using his seal, only a week after his death. However, the teller at the bank knew about Park Yong Ha’s death and refused to give the money to the manager. 

The manager is also being suspected for taking Park Yong Ha’s photo albums, records, pictures, and cameras from Park Yong Ha’s office, Yona Entertainment. The things she took from the office are worth nearly 26 million Korean won. The investigation of the manager started as Park Yong Ha’s family submitted a petition. Park Yong Ha’s older sister is the CEO of Yona Entertainment and therefore, noticed that the manager was taking things without permission.

The manager defended herself and denied all allegations. She argued, “I was not trying to take the money away. I have the rights to spend it as Park Yong Ha’s manager. As for the photo albums and records, I was organizing his stuff after he passed away and wanted to keep some of his things to remember him, as we have been good friends.” 

Meanwhile, Park Yong Ha was one of the most popular Hallyu stars in Japan. He committed suicide at his place on June 30, 2010.